New Thermometer Purchase

Well, I decided to upgrade to a new thermometer for calibrating my Sous Vide Immersion Cooker. Previously, I had purchased the OXO Good Grips Digital Leave-in Meat Thermometer from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but had major concerns about its quality and accuracy. So, I took to the forums and started looking for recommendations on a relatively inexpensive alternative that was dependable and had decent accuracy.

What I came up with was a meter/probe from Thermoworks. I called the company’s customer service line and told the woman that answered the phone that I was looking for a thermometer that would work well for Sous Vide cooking. To my surprise, she knew exactly what I was talking about and transferred me to very knowledgeable gentleman that immediately start walking me through my various options. Basically, he recommended two options: the MTC Mini Handheld Thermocouple and the TW8060. Considering the price difference was only 16 dollars, I went for the higher-end TW8060. The advantages included a display that doesn’t auto shut-off and the ability to hook up two separate probes.

Speaking of probes, they are not included – you have to buy them separately. He recommended the Miniature Needle Probe. I chose the one with the 78″ cable since it was only an extra 6 bucks. The nice thing about the probe is that it is fully submersible, so you can simply let it sit it in your water bath without worries.

When it was all said and done, I had spent $122.40. I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived two days later. Considering the quality and accuracy of this meter, I consider it money well spent.

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